Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Arming Progressives With a New Hobby

Liberals and Progressives who enjoying shooting firearms no longer have to hide their hobby, nor be ashamed of their politics, as “Shooting Liberally” invites them out of the shadows and out to the firing range for its first inclusive, social target practice. Shooting Liberally creators in New York, Charleston and Denver, and the national Living Liberally network, welcome fellow Liberals to take up arms and join the occasion on Tuesday, February 19th, or to start Shooting Liberally gatherings in their own city and be part of the national movement.

Shooting Liberally is the newest social program of Living Liberally, a national organization dedicated to creating social communities around progressive politics across the country. In over 200 cities, through Drinking Liberally happy hours, Laughing Liberally comedy shows, Eating Liberally meals, Reading Liberally book clubs and Screening Liberally films, local progressives find new friends and allies, trade ideas, learn from each other, vent to each other and build a political bonds beyond election cycles and campaigns.

This newest project, created by Stanley Sherman & Bradley Aldridge in New York, Jeffrey Knighton in Charleston and John Erhardt in Denver, reflects their respect, shared by many liberals, for the US Constitution and all of its Amendments. It’s also a way of challenging stereotypes around the country, where progressives – who believe in safe and responsible use of firearms – are often portrayed as opposing guns themselves.

“One famous liberal who supported gun rights was Eleanor Roosevelt who carried her own pistol,” explained Sherman, offering historical context. “Thomas Jefferson, used to discharge a firearm--a pistol--after dinner, to aid the digestion. He wasn't shooting at anything, just found the…shock to be, well, helpful. “

“It has different meaning to the New Yorkers to shoot than it does to us in South Carolina,” offered Knighton. “But there’s more that unites us than divides us – and our enjoyment of firing a weapon is just one more thing we have in common.”

“It’s time for those of us famous for our fierce loyalty to the First Amendment get to try our hand at the Second,” added Justin Krebs, Executive Director of Living Liberally. “

Shooting Liberally New York City will hold its inaugural target practice at a shooting range in Manhattan at 7pm where all participants will rent guns and go through a professional training before firing. There is a range and gun fee to participate and a limited number of slots – reserve in advance. Afterwards there will be a party.

Shooting Liberally Denver will hold their event at a local range beginning with a brief safety refresher by an NRA instructor. Participants can bring their own guns, borrow from others, or rent a gun from the range. Costs and start time TBD.

Whether a gun-owner or a novice, you are welcome to join. Please contact the local coordinator for more information.

Living Liberally National - Justin Krebs - 732-801-5705,
New York: - Stanley Allan Sherman: 212-243-4039,; or Bradley Aldridge:
Charleston: Jeffrey Knighton: 804-874-0620,,
Denver: John Erhardt -